Election Week Message

Why is this message important? Its a meditation of history and truth. In the Big Book of AA there is a statement about those who are “Constitutionally incapable of being honest”. We live in an age and society that drinks lies like water, allows corporations and governments to constantly bombard citizens with social engineering propaganda and psychological warfare called “Marketing”. It seems lies have a greater dominance than truth today.

That won’t work for us in recovery. We have to be honest with ourselves, with God, and with another person. The ancient Orthodox Christian practice of Confession and forgiveness opens an avenue for laying bare our souls and shortcomings.

This show, Seraphim reads and comments on Russian Dissident and former gulag prisoner, Alexander Solzhenitsy’s, writing “Live not by Lies” which is a call to reject all forms of distortion of truth, dishonesty, propaganda and live a life of radical adherence to truth.

Pilate, when faced with Jesus Christ in the flesh asked the question “What is truth” while staring Jesus “The way, truth and life” right in the face. Don’t be like Pilate.

We need radical honesty in our lives, society and recovery.

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